People with our Customers Brands



Company established


Becomes a member of CTCOR continuing our dedication to research and development in the cork industry


Becomes a member of the newly founded SACC adhering to their requirement of cork testing procedures


ISO 9001:2000 compliant Quality Management Systems / Accreditation


Moves to new premises in Brackenfell


ACS 25th Birthday celebration 


A Level 4 contributor to B-BEEE


30th Celebration


BRCGS for packaging and packaging materials certified


  • African cellar suppliers realised that the craft beer and spirit industry needed a more dedicated approach to providing content and service, hereby launching Clear Crafts which provides local and international companies with the finest glass bottles from Italy, Spain, France and America.
  • Growth in the ACS family staff count expands


  • Bigger family bigger home – ACS acquires a new warehouse in Paarl.
  • Invests in an ERP System to improve efficiency and quality of work.
  • Invests in a new delivery vehicle to improve on service delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Celebrating 35 years and in so doing rebranded the company.


ACS grows even more by acquiring a second site in Paarl next to their first site bought in 2018.


ACS renovates their Paarl site and relocates to the bigger premises from Brackenfell to Paarl
Invests in more delivery vehicles to improve on service delivery
Additional family members join the team
A Level ONE contributor to B-BBEE


To provide all existing and future clients with a World-Class standard of service and quality, whilst upholding our reputation for developing long-term customer relationships based on the cornerstones of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Despite being one of the largest suppliers in the market, customer service, quality control and value are our true testimonial over the past 36years.

Our focus of high volume, low margin, and low cost distribution is essential to our price and quality competitiveness.

We are committed to BEE as well as involvement and empowerment of our employees.


It is the primary objective of AFRICAN CELLAR SUPPLIERS to

  • provide customers with a professional, loyal service that includes quality products;
  • actively promote the philosophy that product safety, quality and customer satisfaction are achieved by the involvement and commitment of all employees;
  • invest in ongoing training and motivation of staff to realize the importance of their contributions and by the provision of adequate resources;
  • encourage participation through proactive communication throughout all levels of the organization, amongst suppliers, contractors and customers;
  • adhere to the applicable legislation and statutory requirements, as well as any customer specific requirements;
  • verify and review the continued adequacy; suitability and effectiveness of implemented systems at periodic intervals;
  • committed to the improvement of managerial and technical skills, which will contribute to the objectives of the Company in ensuring that direct quality costs are offset by reductions in losses, defects and wastage;
  • maintain the status as a company that is socially responsible and that practices due diligence at all times.