We offer a range of both Natural and Technical cork to the wine industry.

Natural Cork Range

Natural cork is widely used in the wine industry for the sealing of wine bottles. All our natural corks are of the highest quality and are sorted based on aesthetical differences, into a range of grades from HS Flor to Extra B, where HS flor is most aesthetically appealing. All our incoming corks are TCA batch tested to ensure that we comply with the regulated TCA levels as stipulated by the Cork Council.

All natural corks are firstly peroxide washed, known as Nova wash and gives a very natural cork appearance.

An extra optional aqueous wash, known as Clean C (similar to BETA wash) can then also be applied to attain a more uniform coloured cork. We offer both these washes for various grades of cork.

Natural corks are available in various cork lengths and diameters.

Technical Cork Range

Technical corks are all manufactured from grinded raw natural bark material that remain as ‘waste’ from natural cork production, therefore it remains a natural product and not synthetic. There are various methods to cleaning cork granules, different granule size mixtures and different manufacturing methods of technical cork. These variances dictate the end product along with it’s specific characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Manufacturing through two methods; moulding (Compac and Montebello range) and extrusion (Agglomerated range).

The Compac Wine Cork Range; cork granules are cleaned through Supercritical (CO2) or Thermal Desorption (TD3) resulting in a product with non-detectable TCA levels. Within this range there is various options regarding oxygen transmission rates (OTR’s) to select from:

Compac wine 1 (Cwine1)  -  4.5 mikroliters/day oxygen
Compac wine 2 (Cwine 2) -  2.7 mikroliters/day oxygen
Compac wine 3 (Cwine3)  -  1.9 mikroliters/day oxygen

The Montebello Wine Cork Range; cork granules are cleaned through a steam process, either once or twice, resulting in a product with specified TCA levels.

Agglomerated Range

Big Bottle Corks